Author and Illustrator Visits


Thank you, Dean Jacobs and The Mullin Family!

"Dream Big!  Live Tall!  
Make the World Better!"

Author and Explorer, Dean Jacobs visited 
Norris Intermediate School on March 7, 2018.  
 Wow!  What an inspiring message!

You can learn more about Dean Jacobs at:



Thank You Barney Saltzberg!

Norris Intermediate School was excited to host 
Author & Illustrator 
Barney Saltzberg 
on Tuesday, October 24, 2017!

You can learn more about 
Barney Saltzberg at:

Books can be ordered at your favorite book retailer.

Julia Cook came to Norris Intermediate School
on October 19, 2016!  

We were so excited to welcome this amazing 
NEBRASKA author visit our school! 

Julia Cook helps kids work on healthy relationships, using better behavior and learn to solve their own problems.  

Her wonderful sense of humor helps kids laugh and LEARN!

Norris students and staff loved meeting 
Julia, Jake, Angus, and Kirby!!!!




Julia Cook Author Visit

You can learn more about Author Julia Cook at:


Jerry Pallotta came to Norris Intermediate School 
on Monday, October 5, 2015!  
We were so excited to have this amazing 
author visit our school! 

You can learn more about Author Jerry Pallotta at:


Diane deGroat

Students at Norris Elementary and Intermediate Schools welcomed award winning author and illustrator Diane deGroat on October 13 and 14, 2014. Diane has illustrated over 130 books for children. Through storytelling, a multi-media presentation and lively interaction with students, Ms. deGroat encouraged students to read, write and appreciate art.

The Elementary students especially enjoyed reading and learning about her popular books Homer and Dogs Don't Brush Their Teeth. Using photographs, digital technology and traditional art supplies, Diane (and co-author Shelley Rotner) created images of real dogs doing some very out of the ordinary things, like playing a baseball game, paddling a canoe and brushing their teeth.

Intermediate students were given a behind the scenes look at how Ms. deGroat writes and edits her work. Students who won the Book Cover Contest were treated to a snack in the Library and an additional session with Ms. deGroat. Staff enjoyed a reception at the end of the day honoring the author.

Norris Schools gratefully acknowledges our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for funding our author visit this year.

Diane deGroat resides in Amherst, Massachusetts. You can learn more about her at


Henry Cole visited Norris Schools October 10 & 11, 2013! 
 It was a privilege to welcome this well-know Children's Illustrator and Author!
You will find more information about Mr. Cole at 



Thank you David Biedrezycki!

We had a great Author Visit with Mr. Biedrezycki at 

Norris Elementary on Friday, October 5, 2012!

Learn more about Mr. Biedrezycki and his great books at:


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Thank You Laura Huliska-Beith!

Huliska-Beith 4 final copy.jpg


Illustrator Laura Huliska-Beith visited Norris Elementary on Friday, October 21, 2011!  
Ms. Huliska-Beith illustrated The Recess Queen, Bad Idea, The Worst Best Friend,  Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum,  The Good-Night Train,  Violet's Music and many other great books
. She is a Golden Sower nominee.  She is a native of Omaha, Nebraska.  More information is available at her website:

Author Susan Stevens Crummel and Illustrator Janet Stevens to visited NorrisElementary  the week of October 11, 2010.  The Stevens Sister are Nebraska Golden Sower Winners!  You can learn more about Susan and Janet and their wonderful award winning books by visiting their websites:

"The REAL D. W." visited Norris Elementary on Wednesday, October 28, 2009!  Kim Brown is the younger sister of Marc Brown and the inspiration for his D. W. character.  Marc Brown both wrote and illustrated the Arthur books made famous by the PBS series. 

For more information go to:


Children's book author Helen Ketteman visited 
Norris Elementary School October 20 & 24, 2008. 

You can learn more about Helen Ketteman and her books 
by visiting her website at:

Children's book author Shelley Gill visit Norris Elementary in November of 2007.
You can learn more about Shelley Gill by visiting her website at:


Children's book author Stephen Swinburne was our guest for Children's Book Week 2006!


Children's book illustrator Rob Bolster was our guest for Children's Book Week 2005!

Author Jerry Pallotta was our guest for Children's Book Week 2004!